Oscillatory Burst Detector Toolbox (Matlab)

Tool with algorithms to design detection of oscillatory bursts in LFP signals, including burst characterization, generation of ground truth, and using the latter to select optimal detection threshold in ROC for individual subjects. 

Documentation | Source    See video tutorial below

Neural Modeling Software Tutorials (two versions)

Six tutorials of neural modeling from single cell to network. Two versions available:

Colab version (no installation required): Source | Zip

Notebook version: Source | Zip

Medical Neuroscience curriculum (open-source web modules)

Modeling single neurons and networks for a simplified mammalian fear circuit:

Colab version (no installation required): GitHub-repo with all tutorials. Go to green button "Code" and from pull-down menu select Download ZIP. Follow instructions in README. For access to videos, here is what you do: For slides/videos etc., users can log in to publicly accessible canvas site after setting up an account via The site provides instructions for a quick set up of your account after which you send your email address to to activate your access. Once activated, users can download the self-learning tutorials to their laptop/computer and run them directly on the web as instructed. The canvas site will continue to be updated with registered users continuing to have access to updated resources indefinitely. 

Python Tool – Brain Modeling Tools (BMTools)

BMTools is a supplementary package to the popular Brain Modeling Toolkit (BMTK). BMTools reads network configuration files built by BMTK and helps make building networks easier.

Installation Instructions

Python Tool – Automated Single Cell Tuner (ASCT)

The aim of this tool is the automate the parameter selection process for biologically realistic neuronal models using SBI.

Installation Instructions